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Business Owners

Working to simplify retirement for you and your employees.

Providing both personal and professional benefits, employer sponsored retirement plans can assist you with meeting your retirement goals while serving as an effective tool for employee recruitment and retention.

Navigating the establishment and management of a retirement plan can be daunting, especially if you don't know where to start. Don't worry, we are here to help make it simple and effective! 

We offer customized solutions to match your business needs, backed by professional guidance, so you can stay laser-focused on running your business.

Constructing your Plan

There are many different types of employer sponsored plans available and finding one that works for your business takes time. Our four-step approach allows us to simplify this process while finding a cost-effective plan to help meet your needs now and in the future:

Step 1: Understanding your Business

- We begin by collaborating with you to understand your business thoroughly, encompassing factors like employee count and cash flow. Combining that with your goals and objectives allows us to build on a solid foundation to begin shopping for a plan that meets your needs.

Step 2: Utilizing Professional Guidance

- Our team works on crafting retirement plan proposals, focusing on the strongest plans the market has to offer while determining what is suitable for your business as each plan type carries a unique set of benefits, features, contribution limits, maintenance requirements, and set‐up deadlines. 

Step 3: Making the Decision

- With a comprehensive analysis of your needs and our knowledge of the market, we are able to construct an employer sponsored plan for your business that weighs in factors like cost, maintenance, and responsibility.  All you have to do is implement it. 

Step 4: Ongoing Support

- Our services don't end there. We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing you with continuous support over the long run of your business and your plan.   Providing monitoring and maintenance, we are always phone call away and provide annual reviews for both you and your employees.

Download The SECURE Act: What Does it Mean for You? Ebook!

The SECURE Act changed how investment vehicles are handled. We’re here to help with our latest ebook. Learn the ins and outs of the SECURE Act so you can explore what this means for your estate strategy.

Our Clients

You’re shopping for the right retirement plan advisor. We’re selective too. We believe we are well-positioned to serve people with certain needs. You're likely a great fit if you:

  • Are a local business owner here in Charlotte County.
  • Interest in establishing a retirement plan for you and/or your employees.
  • Prefer to delegate investment management so you can focus on your other priorities.
  • Value personalized service
  • Have less than 100 employees

    If this sounds like you, we want to get to work. 

How We Work

 Wealth management is our job, and we want to be completely transparent about how we are compensated.

While one package isn't right for everyone, here's how it works for the majority of our small business clients.

All of our initial meetings come with no meeting costs. We work directly with you to discuss your needs and determine the best plan type for your business. 

Once we implement the plan, we charge a competitive rate for managing your investments – between 0.5% and 1.5% of the total assets. And we continually monitor your  plan to reflect your changing circumstances.

Think We Are a Good Fit?

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